Top Performing Gelcoat in over 700 Standard Colours.
 Colour Matching Available

When it comes to Gelcoat and making fiberglass look its best, we’re the experts. Our Gelcoat Tinting Machine, the first ever installed in Canada, makes finding your unique colour simple. With a library of 700 colours and the ability to track, save and name “your” favourites, you’ll be sure to get the exact colour you want, coat after coat.

We can match any colour and with our Instint fibreglass colour tinting process, mix exact colour tint in just minutes. Of course, you can always call for same day pickup or order online and we’ll ship it next day delivery. It’s that fast.

What does this mean to our customers?

Confidence in your gelcoat colours

  • You can be confident that we will provide the exact colour matched gelcoat time after time.
  • The Instint™ software allows us to track, save, and name “your” favorite colours. If you need a repeat application, we will have your gelcoat colours code on hand.
  • If there is a specific colour that you need matched, we will submit a sample to the raw material supplier, and they will produce a mixing code for the colour you need.
  • The Instint™ gelcoat tinting process and machine use top quality Ashland base and pigments, ensuring you receive consistent, high standard, colour matched gelcoat time after time.

Tinted gelcoat while you wait

  • The gelcoat colour tinting machine and Instint™ colour tinting process produce exact colour tinting in minutes. This means you can come by the store choose a colour from the Instint™ colour fan and we will tint while you wait. 

Call us with your order

  • You can also call your order in for same day pickup. If you know the colour you want just call us and we will ship next day delivery. It’s that fast!

Burnside Fiberglass Marine Supply is dedicated to carrying enough base and pigment to supply all of our customers with their gelcoat needs, all of the time!


  • Our new gelcoat colour tinting machine, which uses the Instint™ colour tinting process will be the first one installed in Canada. We are leading the FRP supply industry with the latest, most reliable technology available.
  • The dispensing system used the Instint™ colour tinting process is automatic which eliminates errors in mixing by pouring and measuring by weight. Needing only a few base gelcoats and colourants the Instint™ gelcoat colour tinting system eliminates the need to handle dozens of different products in hundreds of colours.
INSTINT™ In-Can Colour Tinting Process